All Access Open Mic
“All Access open mic is one of the few all-ages shows in Grand Rapids. One of the reasons this show is even more unique is because of the demand for area events that do not feature alcohol. The host of this show is incredibly inclusive and inviting and when attending, you will be blown away by how talented the youth are in our city.

Some of the best coffee in the city, and the only thing better than the bagels is the art you will hear on a Thursday Night.”
~Excerpt from Experience Grand Rapids piece, 7 Places for Live Poetry and Open Mics in Grand Rapids by Grand Rapids’ Poet Laureate, Marcel “Fable” Price a.k.a. Fable the Poet

WYCE Electric Poetry Interview: May 30, 2017
Wayne returns to the WYCE studios for another round of Electric Poetry. This time he has the privilege of chatting with the gracious and talented, Kt Herr.

Three Poems Live: December 2015
A very big thank you to Billy and Marcia Angel at Story Cafe, for hosting a very diverse and intimate poetry night. As you can see and hear, Wayne had quite a day already when this video was captured. His sadness and hope are palpable. Here he is at his most vulnerable. Outside of the show he hosts at Mayan Buzz Cafe and his safe space at the Drunken Retort in Stella’s Lounge, he was still performing at whatever open mic he would wander into, keeping his eyes mostly closed during his set. An addendum to the footage captured: Slam Poetry is not a style, it simply means one has competed in a timed and judged Slam competition, which Wayne has since gone on to do. Also, he meant to list Edgar Allan Poe, Hart Crane, and Langston Hughes among his many influences. He happened to be reading Bayard Rustin at the time.

WYCE Electric Poetry Interview: Aired July 14, 2015
This segment of Electric Poetry aired on Grand Rapid’s Independent Community Radio, 88.1 WYCE. It features three readings and a brief interview with Michael Steil.

Fable the Poet: Little Timmy
Wayne had the privilege of working with Fable the Poet to help provide the visuals for this very important single. Check out the clergy collar and stole. Those are not set props. Wayne has a Master of Divinity and worked as a pastor for several years.

Live, raw and captured on a friend’s cell phone.